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Govt: Outrageous Advertisements Are Prohibited!

Photo Credit to Digital Trends | Chicago Tribune

Have you ever been excited to get something that you saw in an advertisement, but when you looked at it in real, you got pissed on how different it looks? Some advertisements are creative and attractive when you take a look at the reality, they are simply exaggerated and disappointing at times.

Credit: Josephine’s Blog

According to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Official page, misleading or exaggerated advertisements are strictly prohibited.

Credit: Pinterest

Advertisers are not allowed to exaggerate or magnify their products in a puffery or misleading technique. Advertisements where their products or services do not look like the real one or as advertised are also not allowed.

▼ For an example, the burger on the left that is advertised looks totally different as in the size and colour from the real burger.

Credit: The Rakyat Post

▼ Netizens expressed their disappointment on the advertised version and the real one that they received!

▼ So the best solution is, snap a picture or take a video of the real product to advertise it!

So I guess, after this we get to see the real picture of a product or service from the advertisement!

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