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Highway Users Advised Not To Pray At Emergency Lane

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Recently, a picture of people performing Subuh prayer at the emergency lane on the KLK highway went viral. This post gained a lot of reactions from the netizens.

Credit: Twitter

However, it’s been released a statement that people who use the Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway (KLK) are not advised to pray at emergency lane for safety reasons. The media statement of KLK and East Coast Highway Phase 1 (LPT1) concessionaire, Anih Berhad informed that the action was feared that motorcyclists or any other vehicles might not be aware of the presence of individuals in the emergency lane.

Credit; Paul Tan
In the statement, Anih Berhad also appreciates the patience of KLK highway users and also the obedience of Muslims to perform prayers while traveling. However, people are asked to not perform prayer on the emergency lane due to safety factors.
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Furthermore, one of the netizens shared that it is also prohibited in Islam to do prayer at highway because it is a place of human traffic and the hustle and bustle also will not make you focus.
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Instead, Highway users can plan their trip and place to pray or stop for a break at rest and service area along LPT1 and LKL when going back to Klang Valley. This is a way to be prepared for traffic jams in the future.
Guys, please be aware and pray at Rest And Service (RnR) area or nearest Mosque for safety, okay?
Info via Twitter | Bernama