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” I Don’t Want My Boyfriend Think I’m A Cheapskate!”- A Girlfriend Ask Should She Open Up About Cheap Habit!

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Nobody likes a cheapskate! Swiping supplies at the office, dangerous DIY, and hoarding, that behavior will cause a lot of problems in the future. However, if you save a little money for better use, it is a better reason for you to continue to be frugal. This girlfriend shared that the frugal traits that make her feel shame to show to her boyfriend. Let’s see her story!

▼ We started off with her background story~

“I came from an average family where we don’t really worry about spending money, but I always grow up trying to save up as much as I can.”

Credit: Thepanther

▼If you have a discount and don’t use them, what is the point?

“I like to buy things on discount, such as buying items in shopee instead of physical shops as they are cheaper, use discount vouchers for movies or grab rides, and compare prices between items before buying them.”

Credit: Thebalance

▼ She shared her philosophy of buying things with the same quality of the price is a good thing.

“My personal opinion is that as long as I am buying things with promised quality (not counterfeit item), it won’t do much harm to save up a little.”


▼ She also said that she feel embarrassed to show to her boyfriend how frugal she is!

“However, I am ashamed to show this side of me to my boyfriend. I am afraid that he will think I am cheapskate. Every time I try to use vouchers, I will try to hide it from him and do it behind his back.”

Credit: Smarttravel

▼ Going further for a cheaper price? We have to see about that!

“Recently, as I am getting vaccination, I checked the prices of different clinics before deciding on where to go. I wanted to go somewhere cheaper but further from us.He told me that he wanted to accompany me, but I didn’t dare to tell him that I want to go to a further clinic just for the prices.”

Credit: Thestar

▼She thinks being frugal is not a great trait for a girlfriend! So, she asked should she quit being a frugal person.

“Does it turn a guy off if their girlfriend is like that? Should I be more open about this or should I try to quit this habit?”

Credit: Medicalnews

Netizens’ Responses

▼Nothing wrong to save some money for better use!

▼It’s okay to spend money to pamper yourself too~

▼However, sometimes, you need to see if you are really saving money?

▼You never know he might share the same mindset with you~

▼This is such a waste of time and money


▼More importantly, you should be true to yourself and your partner about who you are!

▼Be a frugal but generous partner and also good with money~

So, what do you think?