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Indonesia: 500kg ‘Demon’ Crocodile is Caught and Beheaded by locals “So It Won’t Come Back to Haunt Them”

Photo Credit to Daily Mail

A 4.3-meter long, 50-year-old ‘demon’ crocodile was hunted and beheaded by superstitions villagers in Indonesia last week, after attacking several locals.

Credit : Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, It was trapped in nets laced with razor blades in the Kayubesi River by the villagers in Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia. The crocodile died after 2 days in captivity from exhaustion.

Locals insisted on burying the body and the head separately so it would not come back to haunt them as they believed it was an evil spirit. The 500kg beast was huge, it had to be carried to a burial site on a bulldozer.

Credit : Daily Mail

Resources Conservation Agency said that officials tried to negotiate with the local leaders over the wild animal’s body to relocate to a safer place.

Credit : Daily Mail

However, the locals refused to hand over the body as they believed the neighbourhood would be doomed if the ‘demon’ crocodile was transferred somewhere else. They insisted to keep the animal for religious reason.