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Is it a” Dead Cat” Body Or a Giant Mouldy Fur Ball in the Microwave?

Photo credit to Sin Chew  | Altanewscoin

According to Sin Chew, a 49-year-old mum from Greater Manchester, UK has spoken of her horror after discovering a festering plate her daughter left for a week had turned into a GIANT Mouldy fur ball.

Credit : Sin Chew

The mum, Denise Sankey shared a disgusting photo of the mouldy plate after 19-year-old daughter, Liv Taylor forgot her dinner in the microwave.

Denise says she’s desperate to find her teen daughter a boyfriend, hopefully someone to take Liv ” off her hands”– and even offered to pay them. Hahaha…

Her original post:

Does anyone want Liv Taylor?

I’m giving her away free to a good home – no, actually I will pay someone to take her and I don’t care if it’s a good home or not.

Credit: Altanewscoin

I have just gone to put something in the microwave which I don’t use very often and I found her half eaten tea from last week.

I can’t cope with her, please someone send help x

Denise said: “I keep saying to her she needs a nice boyfriend, but she says she doesn’t want one, she can’t be bothered.

Credit :Altanewscoin

“She can’t get a boyfriend because no-one would put up with her.

The leftover sweet chilli chicken and noodles festered in the kitchen’s built-in microwave as it has a blacked-out door, meaning neither of the women could see it. She said the plate had “gone past mould”.

Denise also added, “Since sharing the post I’ve had no offers.”

Ok! Free girlfriend .. Her mother will pay you for taking her, any volunteer?

Info via Sin Chew