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KFC to Roll Out World First “3D Bioprinting” Chicken Nuggets, Still Finger Licking Good?!

Photo Credit to Mudhesh | DubaiLAD

KFC is trying to create the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets, part of its “restaurant of the future” concept, the company announced, according to The Verge. This is definitely a revolution in F&B industry.

Credit : China Press

The fast-food chain will work with a Russian company in 3D Bioprinting technology to  “print” chicken meat, using chicken cells and plant material.

KFC plans to provide the bioprinting firm with ingredients like breading and spices “to achieve the signature KFC taste” and will seek to replicate the taste and texture of genuine chicken, reported by The Star.

It’s worth noting that the bioprinting process KFC describes uses animal material, so any nuggets it produced wouldn’t be vegetarian.

Credit : China Press

Some benefits of making and consuming biomeat as opposed to traditional meat is that the product is cleaner and more ethically produced, as no animals are harmed in the making of it.

Furthermore, the creation of such goods has minimal impact on the environment compared with farming – energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can both be drastically reduced using this method.

I just wonder will the chicken nuggets still ” finger licking good”?! Tell us what do you think?