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Malay Singer Buying Her First Condominium Unit With Cash, Says “I don’t like Bank Loan!”

Photo Credit to Iluminasi | Youtube

Malay singer, Masyitah Masya, 20-year-old buying her first condominium unit in Cheras, KL with RM300,000 CASH !!! Yeah .. you hear me right!  She says,” I don’t like loan from bank because i will need to pay interest.”

According to some Malay media, she bought the condominium unit at her age of 19 with her savings. Owning a car and a condo, she gladly said, ” It’s a payback from years in music industry.”

Credit: China Press

She revealed the cash to buy her condo is from savings for years from her singing competition since young, some singing competition came with RM5,000 cash prize while competition organised by TV station will be around RM20,000.

She also explained why she didn’t get a bank loan, ” I don’t want to be tied down by a bank loan, moreover, I’m a singer with no fix income. I hardly give a proof on my income. Furthermore, i have to stay in KL for long-term, so i make a decision to buy a condo.”

Credit : Youtube

Masya, who originated from Kedah started to participate in all sort of singing competition since 9-year-old. She is now an artiste under Astro. She also collaborated with Jeryl Lee on the track《左肩》, which was produced by the China Embassy marking the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China.

To my surprise, she also cover some mandarin song in her youtube channel, most netizens impressed by her pronunciation and singing skills said she is ” Shila No.2″

This girl gained fame through reality singing competitions and emerged as stars to look out for, let’s check it out: