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Malaysia Animal Association Looking for the Culprit Who Dye The Dog to a” Tiger”

Photo Credit to China Press | Facebook

Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) is looking for the culprit who dyed the dog’s fur to a “tiger”. They urged public to share information if they come across any information about the dog.

Credit : China Press

MAA shared a post on Aug 28, urged public to share information about the dog’s location, the owner of the dog or maybe who did it to dye the poor dog into a “tiger”.

“If the dog is within our country, those who give information will get a mystery gift,” the post read.

Those with information can contact Animal association hotline at +6011 2090 1097

According to Metro UK, dyeing the pets with paints, dyes, inks and glues can be toxic and harmful to animals’ health.

You can dye your own hair, or dye someone else’s who can actually consent to what you’re doing. But for the love of God, please leave the dog alone, people!