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Malaysian Dishes Became New Sensation In Japan!

Photo credit to Twitter | Muji

Malaysians have many types of dishes that are loved by so many! From rendang to masak lemak to curries, you can never get enough of them! But if you are traveling or living overseas, you could never get Asian delights. However, it’s been told that our local product made it into MUJI Japan!

Credit: Twitter

This one user on Twitter shows the Malaysian selection that you can get in MUJI Japan. There are Beef rendang, Chicken Masak Lemak, and Malaysian Chicken Curry. All of them are even labeled with a spice rating for people to be aware of the spice level!

Credit: Twitter

At the back, they even have halal certification and to our surprise, it is from Brahim’s Food Japan, subsidiarity of Brahim’s Food in Malaysia! The packaging is very simple and very MUJI which differs from most Brahim’s packaging with a lot of bright colors.

Credit: Twitter

Each one of them is ¥490, which is RM19 for a packet.It is also available in MUJI throughout all the Japan!

Credit: Twitter

All the netizens were shocked and proud that our local product makes into International.

Netizen’s Responses

▶People are proud with our Malaysian company to make it International!

▶The simple packaging definitely are catching all of the attentions!

▶Somehow the packaging also can cause some confusion to some people~

▶Now, Muslim people who traveling to Japan can find Halal food much more easier~

Is it taste the same? I really want to try it~

Info via Twitter