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Malaysian Man Has Been Fined RM3,000 for Attempting Suicide

Photo Credit to Berita Harian Online

A man from Cheras attempted to jump out from his balcony went viral last Saturday. Following the ruling yesterday, Magistrate’s Court ordered him to pay RM3,000 fine for his crime.

Credit : Berita Harian

The man, known as Shahfirul, 28-year-old, unemployed was believed to be suffering from emotional stress due to family problems at that time, quoted by Kosmo.

Shahfirul was screaming in his house and then running to the balcony, when police arrived on the scene at 4.45am. His apartment was locked, thus Fire and Rescue Department was called to the scene too.

Credit : Berita Harian

They managed to save Shafirul at last.

According to Bernama, the unemployed accused pleaded guilty to attempt suicide. He was fined RM3,000 or serve three months in jail if he failed to pay the fine. He promised not to repeat the act again.

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