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Malaysian Mother Left Baby in Car in the Car Park and Went for Shopping!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Of course, no parents would put their child in a situation that would harm them but accidents can happen anytime.

Lately, we have been hearing a quite number of cases regarding children left in the car. In most of the cases, the child who was left in the locked car were found dead because of the parents’ carelessness. Even earlier this month, there was a news about 4-year-old girl who was left in the car for around 10 hours found dead.

Credit: RedChili21 MY

Yesterday, on 26th August 2020, a post about a baby found in a car in the car park by a Tesco worker went viral with more than 4K shares and 1K likes on Facebook.

The netizen shared in her post that she noticed a few Tesco workers were standing next to her car when she was about to take her car to leave the mall. They were talking that they heard a baby crying from one of the car in the car park.

After noticing the baby in the car next to hers, she took a picture of the baby and showed the security guard who was in charge of the car park but she was told to look for customer service in the mall.

Credit: Facebook

She immediately went in the mall to find for the customer service department to announce about the baby, but the broadcasting could not be carried since it was not working.

Two Tesco workers came over to check out the situation after noticing the netizen who was afraid to open the car door. One of the Indian worker reached in through the rear seat window which was opened to unlock the car and took the baby out.

Credit: Facebook

The workers took the baby inside the mall after asking for some details about the baby.

Credit: Facebook

When the netizen called the manager after going back home, she was told that the baby’s mother appeared about fifteen minutes after they found the baby. The mother left the baby in the car as she was afraid the baby would not be allowed to enter the mall as the child was still young because of the Covid-19 factor. But, according to the manager of the mall, he never stopped any children or elderly from entering the mall as long as they’re healthy.

The baby’s mother also added saying, she brought the baby along with her because there was no one to take care of the child.

Credit: Facebook

▼The rear window of the car was left open so that the baby could breath without suffocating which shows that the mother left the baby on purpose in the car.

▼ Isn’t the mother afraid if someone would reach in and kidnap the baby?

▼ Plus, the seat the baby was placed doesn’t match its size!

▼ But glad that the workers helped to take the baby out of the car and take care of the child until the mother arrived.

Hopefully, this type of cases doesn’t repeat and let’s hope the mother has learned her lesson!

Info via: Facebook