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Man Cheated Death After A Spanner Stuck On His Head From 8 Story Building!

Photo credit to Daily Mail

Have you ever cheated death or have any near-death experience? Well, this man definitely has and he is luckily still alive. This unnamed man was impaled on the head with a six-inch spanner while he was walking!

The six-inch sharp tool was accidentally dropped by a technician who was installing an air conditioner outside a flat eight stories up in north-eastern Chinese province Liaoning, reported local media.

It happened when the unnamed man was walking down the street with his colleague when suddenly a spanner fell and hit the man’s head. His colleague looked up and saw a maintenance worker who was installing an air conditioner outside an eight-story flat of the residential building. The installer looked shocked as he was looking down while sitting on the platform.

The man was rushed to a local hospital after his horrified co-worker called for an ambulance. The photo of the man sitting on the pavement and hold his injured head with the spanner on it with a medical helper by his side went viral.

When the man arrived at the hospital, the doctor was shocked that he is conscious. not only that, he didn’t suffer any side effects like body paralyze but only had a headache. The man, then, had a CT scan which the doctor found out that the mechanical tool stuck in the man’s head with the rotary fasteners rammed through his skull.

The surgery to remove the tools are three hour-long and successful. The man also said to be in stable condition following the surgery. He will remain in the hospital for further treatment of his accident.

Info via Dailymail