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Man Used Condolence Card to Resign His Job!

Photo Credit to Temptation Florist | Robert Half | Twitter

When it is one of those days that you feel uncertainly stressed and feel like quitting your job. We might even think of dramatic ways to leave our job like throwing away pushing off the table and quitting on the spot, but we all know we don’t actually do that in real.

Instead, we just follow the usual procedure by writing a formal resignation letter with the notice period.

Credit: The Balance Careers

But have you ever imagined of giving a condolence card as a resignation ‘letter’?

Recently, a netizen posted about her fellow colleague who resigned his job by giving a condolence card went viral with more than 81K retweets and 415K likes on Twitter.

According to Business Insider, the card was written by a 22-year-old man whose name is Sam Baines.

The man bought a “So sorry for your loss” card to be given to his manager as a resignation ‘letter’ to quit his job.

Credit: Twitter

Inside the card, Sam wrote, “My last day at work is the 28th July” with the printing in the card that says “Thinking of you at this difficult time”.

Credit: Twitter

The card was much taken in good spirits by the man’s manager when he handed it over.

“Everyone was laughing and pretty amused with the card. It was done in good spirit and not as a petty reaction as some people think” she said.

▼ We can’t help but admire their willingness to spend on a card for the sake of a joke and the best part is he is not the only one who does this type of hilarious thing to resign the job!

▼ Well, are you dare enough to try this when you’re about to quit your job?

▼ Wow! I guess this is what they call self confidence!

We have no choice but to stan!

Info via: Business Insider | Twitter