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Man Went Crazy After His Banana Proposal Being Rejected By His Crush!

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It is very normal to have a crush, especially when you are a teenager. As an adult, your love life becomes more serious and you dealt with it in a more mature way. But, this video of a man proposes to a lady went viral for being more ‘unique’ and ‘banana’.

Credit: Facebook

It started with a guy, walking to a lady who was sitting with her male companion. He, then boldly confessed his feeling towards her! In the man’s arms, there is a large purple box. The lady was definitely embarrassed and was not excited in any way.

The man put down the box and the content of the box shocked the lady and her companion. The lady immediately hides her face in her arm, feeling flustered.

It was a bouquet of banana! Both of the lady and her companion laughed at the ‘special’ proposal bouquet. The man told her that he likes her for almost half years!

Feeling his proposal was ignored, the man even go as far as to be on his knees and ask the lady to accept him to be her boyfriend! He repeatedly asked her to say yes to him.

A lot of people keep telling her to answer the man and she ends up rejecting him.

However, this man definitely couldn’t take rejection very well. He sat on the floor, flailing his arms and legs, shocking everybody that was watching the whole scenario!

The lady who becomes more embarrassed by him stood up and asked him to stop. She even takes the banana bouquet to make a nice gesture. But he ends up lying on the floor, in protest.

Credit: Douyin

The lady’s companion tried to coax the man to stand up and stop embarrassing himself as the lady told him to stop.

Credit: Douyin

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Posted by Hugo So on Khamis, 27 Ogos 2020

Video 2: 

To us, the bouquet might seem a bit weird but apparently, it is popular! A lot of flower shops these days do bouquet arrangements using fruits and money. These shops definitely killing it with the banana bouquet for their customers!

Credit: FB/Lovely Deco House
Credit: FB/flowerbloomerjoy
Credit: FB/Cflorist
Credit: FB/Shmily.ys

Netizens were definitely having a great laugh and commented their feelings on the post!

Netizens’  Responses

▼If your girlfriend loves banana, it might be a great proposal but ask her permission first!

▼Definitely not everyone loves a public proposal, especially that is an embarrassing one~

▼If she likes a durian, would you make a durian bouquet?

If you are making a public proposal, be sure your partner is okay with it alright? Good luck!

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