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McDonald’s Singapore Happy Meals Toys Features Doraemon Is Coming To Malaysia!

Photo credit to tang.jms1101  | Facebook


When we heard McDonald’s Singapore have Doraemon featuring Happy Meals’ toys, all of us really want it to available in Malaysia. Well, good news because it is coming to Malaysia!

Credit: Facebook

There are 8 designs like McDonald’s Singapore and also it will be launched every week! You don’t have to worry about missing one out!

▼From 27 August to 9 September 2020

○Magnetic Doodle! Doraemon Drawing Board

Credit: McDonald SG

○Metal Detector! Doraemon Smile

Credit: McDonald SG

▼From 3 September to 9 September 2020

○Amazing Reflection! Anywhere Door

Credit: McDonald SG

○Repellent Magnet! Doraemon and Mii Chan

Credit: McDonald SG

▼From 10 September -16 September 2020

○Copter Cogs! The Hopter

Credit: McDonald SG

○Pressure Bellow! Air Cannon

Credit: McDonald SG

▼From 17 September-24 September 2020

○Wind Power! Turbine Tower


Credit: McDonald SG

○Gears Swirl! Time Machine

Credit: McDonald SG

【Promotion Details】

Promotion: McDonald’s Happy Meal Doraemon Toys For 50th Anniversary

Date :27 August- 24 September 2020

Venue: All McDonald branches

OMG! Can’t wait to collect all of them~

Info via Facebook