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Meet Mini But Mighty Bruce Lee Kid, 10-Year-Old With 6-Pack Abs!

Photo Credit to Instagram | Medium

Ryusei Imai, a 10-year-old Japanese boy who is a hardcore fan of Bruce Lee, has been trying hard to turn himself into his idol.

Credit : IG

Ryusei has been watching Bruce Lee’s movies since he was 1-year-old said on Australian variety show Little Big Shots, “I want to be cool like Bruce Lee!”

After several years of training, his muscular physique is complete with a six-pack abs. Wuuhoo!!!!

Ryusei trains almost every day. His determination get him ” in shape”. Now he is no longer an ordinary 10-year-old kid.

Credit : IG

His workouts and physical demonstrations of strength are on show on his Instagram account and others have made videos about him.

Looks unbelievable right ?!


Not only that, he is also able to do handstand push-ups with his fingers.

Ryusei’s father was once asked whether he is worried that his son injured himself during the training, but he explained,Β β€œAs he is taking the training seriously, injuries are unavoidable. But what’s more important is to train the mind.”

Check out the mini-Bruce Lee in action: