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Melaka Hit With Scary Hurricane, Causing Properties Damaged And Injuries

Photo credit to Twitter

This morning, Melaka has been hit with a freak storm that caused a lot of properties damage and injuries. It also being told that Malim district among the worst place in Melaka that being affected by the storm.

From the photos and videos shared, the wind was seen so strong that it knocked down some trees on the side of the road.

There’s a lot of cars being reported being hit by uprooted trees. Thankfully, there is no injuries r deaths related to the case.

Meanwhile, the public also shared some pictures of the severely affected houses, as well as pictures of the school building with some pieces of the roof flying in the wind. It’s being reported that at least 6 SJKC Malim students, Melaka, were injured after being hit by a ceiling in a storm, at about 10 this morning. The ceiling collapsed when part of the roof of the school building was blown away by the wind.

There’s a lot of people captured the moment when the storm happens and it is very scary to see it!

Hopefully, everyone in Melaka is safe! All prayers go to them

Info via Astro