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Milo Is Giving Away Limited Edition Milo Model Truck Key Chain For Free!

Photo credit to ceritaita  | Facebook/Shell Gelang Patah |Facebook/Shell Senawang


Are you a collector or have seen a collector? There was a man who went viral for collection everything made by Milo. He collected tins, keychains, mugs, and other limited edition Milo things for more than 10 years!

Well, apparently Shells is giving out free limited edition Milo truck model keychain if you purchase 3 of milo drinks!

Credit: Facebook/Shell SS19

The limited-edition Milo truck keychain valued for RM15!

Credit: Facebook/ Shells RNR Kiosk Nilai

The adorable limited edition car model keychain comes in 2 designs!

Credit: Facebook/Shelanda Petro Mart

The first one is the newer model Milo Truck!

Credit: Facebook/Shell Senawang

The second design is the 1950s Milo Truck!

Credit: Shopee

Oh, soo cute! If you want all of these key chains, buy 3 bottles or cans of Milo drinks for RM8 at Shells and you will get this limited edition Milo Truck Keychain for free! So, anyone who is collecting keychain or Milo things, this is your chance to grab these limited goodies!

Credit: Facebook/Shelanda Petro Mart

Info via Facebook/Shells