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Missing Datin Was Found, She Apologies and Reveals Her Relationship With Her Dato’ Husband

Photo Credit to China Press | Oriental Daily

Missing Datin was found after 11 days. According the a statement from her husband, she was sick and don’t want to make her family worried. Thus, she stayed in her relative’s place.

Credit : China Press

But she finally broke her silence and revealed what was happening to her and also her relationship with her husband.

The Original Post :

I believed a lot of you will be interested to know what was happening to me. This facebook post will be my first and last to talk about my relationship.

First, i wanted to apology to public, this probably looks like a joke to you. I’m just a normal housewife and i don’t like to share my family matters publicly.

However, since it’s already talk of the town, then i think i should do some clarification.

Credit : China Press

I accepted all the good and bad comments. I totally agreed that we shouldn’t wash our dirty linen in public. I don’t need to explained to anyone!

For Dato’ Patrick Yee Chee Wai who was looking for me the past these few days. I just can said he don’t understand me.

I just want to let you know why i was leaving home without informing anyone.

Firstly, I’m not missing. Secondly, I didn’t stay in my relative’s place. Those who said want to leave normally won’t leave. But those who leave without telling others because they are feeling too hurt.

Credit : China Press

I don’t want to think back and i don’t blame others.( When a couple are together there is no right or wrong, somehow they used to love each other). I should be handle my family matters personally and i never thought it will become a news headlines.

Datin is just how people addressed me. Somehow now it become an entertainment news.

I have 2 kids with Dato’ Patrick Yee Chee Wai, 1 kid is almost 3-year-old and another one almost 2-year-old.

The fact is, during the 4 years, he is also the husband for 2 families. He divorced for 2 times and i’m his 3rd marriage. In total, he have 5 kids and uncountable girlfriends. To be honest, i couldn’t take it mentally anymore.

Credit : Oriental Daily

And he always suspect that i committed adultery. Most of the time during my pregnancy i was all alone. Taking care of kids are tiring. Women’s emotion was mostly depending on men’s attitude.

Throughout the years , there was no mental support or encouragement from Dato’ Patrick Yee Chee Wai. I don’t blame him, i just blame myself not tough enough.

Living under the stress, me and my kids are in a very terrible condition. On the day that i left home because i’m sick, he even send the 2 kids to welfare department.

Credit : China Press

To his friends or outsiders, he looks hardworking but at home he is lazy. He even limit me financially. I really fall sick that day. He probably thought i took it as an excuses for not taking care of the kids. He never even care am i sick but concerned which man i’m with during that time.

I don’t want to explained further. i just want to say we are not a qualified parents but don’t create memories that haunts the kids. I believed Dato’ Patrick Yee Chee Wai will be responsible to his kids and hope media to give us some room. Thanks for your concern!

P/s : I’m not a public figure so i don’t accept any interview.