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Mount Sinabung Erupted Again After 2 Years!

Photo Credit to VOA Indonesia | Twitter

Mount Sinabung is a active volcano. The 2,451 meters Valcano has erupted several times in 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2018.

Credit: Warta Ekonomi

According to Bernama, Mount Sinabung situated in North Sumatra, Indonesia erupted again this morning, 10th August 2020, emitting 5,000 meters of grey ash and smoke.

Credit: Twitter

The eruption occurred at 10.16am Western Indonesia and the smoke and grey ashes were heading towards east and south-east of the island of Sumatra according to a statement from the Indonesian Volcanology and Geological Mitigation Center (PVMBG).

A height of 2,451 meters, Mount Sinabung, was at level 3 alert status.

Credit: Twitter

According to the statement, local people and visitors are urged not to do any activities within a radius of 5 kilometers from the summit of Mount Sinabung.

The mountain has never erupted since 1600 but started erupting again in 2010 and the last eruption was reported occurred in February 2018.

Credit: Twitter

Let’s hope the people living near to the area of Mount Sinabung are safe!

Info via: Bernama