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Muslim Man Who Feeds Stray Dogs Said, “Stray Animals Have Feelings Too!”

As we know, dogs in Islam are conventionally thought of as ritually impure which is “haram”(forbidden). There are also Muslims around the globe who feeds and takes care of dogs without thinking of what people might say about them. To them, as long as they don’t violate their religious laws, it is totally fine.

Credit: Funci

Recently, a video of a Muslim netizen touching a dog went viral with more than 14K likes and 8K retweets on Twitter.

In the video, the netizen was wearing a glove touching the dog while taking a video of it talking to the furry friend. The video of him talking to the dog saying don’t be sad and smile was one of the most adorable thing.

Credit: Twitter

He said in his caption that the dog will make a sad face everytime he wants to go back home from work proves that even animals have feelings too!

Credit: Twitter

The netizen is known as “atuk nature” on social medias since he naturally loves animals so much. It is pretty obvious as his social media feed is full of photos of himself with animals.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

He finished off his post by saying that different person has different views. Do not spread your bad mentality to others. Don’t look down on stray animals just because you’re a human. Doing good to everyone is not difficult at all.

Well, I agree~

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

▼ Although some of them were against the netizen for touching the dog, but most of them supported him saying that it is not “haram” to touch dogs!

▼Many netizens also said that they feed stray dogs around their neighbourhood! Not only that, some even have their own dog too!

Check out the video of “atuk nature’s” conversation with his furry friend!~

All it takes is being kind to everyone including animals! God bless “atuk nature” for his kind deed!

Info via: Twitter

Photo Credit to Instagram | Twitter