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Napping Culture in Vietnam Surprised Their Japanese Colleague, ” Is it a Morgue?”

Photo Credit to Twitter

A Japanese man who worked in Vietnam surprised by their colleagues napping culture. He was jokingly said, ” Is it a morgue?”

Credit : Sin Chew

This Japanese netizen named, Yamada worked in a construction firm. He was asked to visit their oversea office in Vietnam. He was sharing his experience in Twitter on his colleagues napping culture.

All his colleagues will take off their shoes and socks, laying on the floor in the office to took their afternoon nap. Most of his colleagues will bring along their straw mat and all of them will laid with upper body under the table.

Credit : Sin Chew

Somehow, Yamada explained it’s a napping culture in Vietnam. Although it’s not the first time he was seeing it. Somehow, he still felt like walking into a hospital in war zone or a morgue, which he felt funny.

However, a high pressure society like Japan. Took a afternoon nap is nearly impossible. Some Japanese netizens comment, “napping culture was amazing”, ” I felt like doing these too!” and some though ” I’m sure after wake up from a nap, will increase work efficiency.”