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Netizens Find it Hilarious Seeing Paper Face Masks For Ghosts for Hungry Ghost Festival!

Photo Credit to Malay Mail | Facebook

If you see papers with black ink wordings on the road or anywhere, be careful! Don’t step on it! Avoid staying out after the sun is set especially if you are alone because it is ‘their’ time to go out! It’s that time of the year again!

Can you already guess what I’m talking about?~

Yes! It is the Hungry Ghost Festival!

The Hungry Ghost Festival celebrates the Taoist belief in the afterlife. Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore believe the gates of Hell open on the 7th lunar month, freeing the spirits of the dead to roam in the world of the living.

Credit: TripSavvy

Now, since the new norm is wearing face masks wherever we go, a post on Facebook went viral among netizens that a stall that sells joss papers sold masks that made out of papers for the GHOSTS!

The paper masks were even labelled as “masks for ghosts”!

Credit: Facebook

These joss paper stalls are always up-to-date with the latest situation or trend starting from making paper cars till making paper houses. You can find almost anything at these stalls.

Credit: Coconuts

Seems like this stall owner thought that even ghosts need masks to avoid from being infected from Covid-19! LOL~

This post went viral among the netizens as they find it hilarious getting face masks for ghosts!

▼ Even ghosts need to be under-quarantine for 14 days when they enter the Earth right?!

▼ What about a paper handphone for us to contact the ghosts to inform about the safe entry?~

▼ Social distancing is a must even for the ghosts!

▼ So is the hell border opened yet?

▼ If you’re one of those who don’t wear face masks when you’re going out, then I guess there is a gift for you~

But the question here is, do ghosts need a face mask? 

Info via: Facebook