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Old Man Finding for a Face Mask from a Pile of Rubbish to Avoid From Getting Fined!

Photo Credit to New Straits Times | Twitter

Some citizens are taking Covid-19 pandemic lightly. A lot of us maybe have started to go out without  a face mask, forgot about social distance, and probably some of us don’t even obey to given SOPs. Thus, we can see number of positive cases are showing arise recently.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that starting from 1st August 2020 it is mandatory to wear a face mask in public transportation and crowded places. Those who failed to comply with the order will be slapped with a compound of RM 1,000.

But what about the people who can’t afford to buy face masks?

Credit: BBC

Recently, there is a tweet about an old man who was finding for a face mask from the garbage littering area went viral with more than 8K retweets and 10K likes.

In the tweet, the young man said that this underprivileged old man had to find for a face mask from the piles of rubbish to avoid himself from being fined by the authorities. From his tweet, it shows that the old man couldn’t afford to buy a face mask which made him to find one from the rubbish.

This man’s identity remains unknown but he is believed to be homeless and sleeping by the streets of Seremban.

We’re also informed that this incident took place at Pasar Besar Ampangan in Seremban. Also, many homeless and underprivileged can be seen finding anything usable from discarded waste.


Credit: Twitter

▼ After seeing this tweet,  netizens wanted to help the old man by donating him some masks.

▼ As we’re informed, a normal surgical can only be worn once and it should be disposed after using it. How about those who can’t afford to buy face masks always?

Well, government has lowered the ceiling price for disposable face masks from RM1.50 to RM1.20 per unit beginning 15th August 2020. Also, the wholesale prices will be lowered from the current RM1.45 ceiling price to RM1.15 per unit.

Info via: Twitter