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Overtake Gone Wrong! Car Accident Caught On Dashcam But The Commentary Steals The Show

Photo credit to Facebook

A few days ago, there is an accident that happens between two cars at Jalan Tapah, where the road is very steep and dangerous. Thankfully, there were no death or major injuries being reported. It was said that one of the cars overtake another vehicle dangerously. This user uploads this dashcam to show what really happens.

Credit: Facebook

In the dashcam, it shows the red car overtake the owner of the dashcam.

Credit: Facebook

Instead of getting back into the line, the car that overtake stills remain in the opposite road.

Credit: Facebook

That is when both of the cars hit head to head!

Credit: Facebook

After the accident, one of the passengers was actually very angry and they had to calm down the passenger.

Credit: Facebook

However, the thing is all of the netizens were actually entertained by the commentator in the dashcam. Right before the accident, there is a woman who asked a child that if he farted!

Credit: Facebook

The netizens were very amused by the commentary and commented on the post.

Netizens’ Responses

▼Well, now who’s fault it is?

▼People are curious about who is the person that farted?

▼People even blamed Rayyan’s fart that caused the car to have an accident.


▼Maybe, Rayyan’s fart is actually a good thing? Who knows~

Well, the lesson here is don’t overtake recklessly! But, let’s be honest, Rayyan steals the show~

Info via Facebook