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Owner of Bulldog Face Charges After It Attacks a Lady in Malacca

Photo Credit to China Press

On Jul 28, An Indonesia lady on her way back home after her dinner was attacked by a bulldog in a residential area. The lady got bitten and injured on her hand and leg, she was then send to the hospital.

Credit : China Press

In the CCTV Footage, the dog was believed interested with the food that was in her hand and ran out from his house, where the gate can be seen wide open.

During the attack, a kind neighbour helped to distract the dog with their car. Lucky enough, the lady manage to get away from the dog and quickly hide in the neighbour’s house. She was then rushed to the hospital and undergo a 5 hours surgery.

Credit : China Press

After the incident, Malacca city council found out the owner do not have any licence for the dog. The dog was currently under quarantine in theĀ  Department Of Veterinary for 2 weeks.

Credit : China Press

While the dog owner will be charges under Section 289 of the Malaysian Penal Code, which may land them with a maximum prison sentence of six months, a fine of no more than RM2,000, or both, for negligence with respect to an animal under their care resulting in the injury of others, reported by China Press.

Info via China Press