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Oyen Is Back At It Again! This Time, Oyen Went Into Stranger’s House And Sat Like A Boss

Photo credit to Twitter

We all know, ginger cat or popularly known as Oyen is known to have a ‘personality’, different from other cats. Before we have seen Oyen destroying homework and we just could only shake our head at its mischievous antics.

This time, Oyen is back and causing another type of mischief! This Twitter user shared that there is a ginger cat, who is not his, coming into his house uninvited. The video got over 4K retweets and 8K likes!

He shared that this cat suddenly came into his house while he was outside. His mother tried to find any collar or number but it doesn’t have it. To help to find the owner, he posted flyers of this cat around the residential area. But no one called.

The next day, they found the owner. However, the owner seems uninterested and doesn’t even thank them for giving back the cat. The reason is the real owner of the cat died and the other family member is uninterested to take care of the cat. That is why the cat seems uncared and even dirty!

But, it has a happy ending! Since the owner doesn’t want the cat,  he and his family decided to adopt the cat. Now, the cat stays with their family!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People definitely in love with Oyen~

▼The cat wants to be love or a new owner!

▼Maybe Oyen forgot the house is!

▼We sometimes want to cat, like how they can be so chill!

▼People definitely amazed how chill and shameless Oyen is!

▼Netizens also shared that they have been through the same thing!

How Oyen can be so chill? This is just too cute and funny!

Info via Twitter