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Pavithra Latest Video”This Is The Reason Behind Our Problems” Reveals Truth on Sugu’s Arrest !

Photo credit to Youtube

S Pavithra latest video is not about cooking but it’s a 5-min video revealing the truth about the obstacles she has been facing, especially her husband’s recent arrest.

The video titled, “This is the reason behind our problems” started with her sitting in front of the camera and saying, “The reason I made this video is because I want to tell the truth behind the incident that happened on the other day.”

Credit : Oriental Daily

Pavithra said her own family was the main cause of her distress. That was also the reason her husband Sugu went to hospital with a sickle and get arrested.

“My family became a problem because of money. They have never supported me since day one of my marriage with Sugu since 7 years ago. They have never helped me or supported me,” she says.

“Now that I have money and success, they suddenly showed up, started borrowing money, and caused several problems within the family. That’s why Sugu went to the hospital that day.”

Credit: The Star

She admitted it is Sugu’s mistake that he drank alcohol that day, but she stressed that he is not a drunkard.

She thought their news are not as important as national news. However, media gave a lot of attention since May. They didn’t reveal to media on truth behind their problem and some media even published fake news in regard to the domestic abuse allegations against Sugu.

“Since the media invaded into our lives, we have not had enough time to cook and even feed our kids. Free time became so scarce.”

Pavithra also explained that she and her husband removed all their YouTube content out of frustration. But she promises that the old videos will be re-uploaded on their channel soon.

“We understand that these problems happened because of money.”

Pavithra also said that the channel belongs to both her and her husband, “Without Sugu, I could not have made the videos myself.”

“As you know, Sugu is the one who records the videos for me. My husband is the one who prepares all the ingredients, takes care of the kids, and Sugu has always supported me. If Sugu was not around, I could not have made all these videos on YouTube.”

Credit : Bernama

She ended the video by thanking her subscribers for supporting them through their ups and downs

“I hope that my family’s situation will get better and no one will ever separate us.¬†We hope to always be together and strive to be even better than before.”

Info via Youtube