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Police Officer Ranted About Safety Before Charge Three Workers RM1,000

Photo credit to Twitter

Since 1 August, it is mandatory for people to wear masks in public spaces. Especially you work in services like retails or food, wearing a mask is a must. This video of a police officer rant strictly to the worker before charging them with RM1,00 went viral on Twitter.

The video with 21 seconds, duration showed the cop said that they don’t wear mask.

Credit: Twitter

He also asked them if they are aware with the rules of wearing the mask.

Credit: Twitter

He even scolded the girl who wears her mask under her chin and corrected her.

Credit: Twitter

He sternly said that they served food. They should be knowing the SOP better.

Credit: Twitter

Lastly, he pointed at 3 workers to give them their identification card to fine them for not being able to follow the SOP correctly. He walked off coolly.

Credit: Twitter

Moreover, this guy not only got fined RM1000 but also had to be jailed because he doesn’t have work permit as he is an immigrant.

Credit: Twitter

A lot of the netizens commented on their opinion regarding the video.

▼That is why you have to follow the SOP, okay?

▼Police officers are stern. So don’t play with them~

▼This is very important because it concerns about our health!

Recently, there are 26 people being fined at Batu Layar beach near Bayu Damai after they didn’t wear a mask in a public place as per the government’s order. You can click here for more story 【Click Here

Guys, please wear your mask correctly and social distancing, okay?

Info via Twitter