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Postman Asked for Mangoes for his Pregnant Wife From House Owner Through Note on Delivery Package!

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As we know, pregnant ladies go through a lot of phase during their pregnancy. They tend to go through morning sickness and cravings for food that sometimes their husband try to fulfill even though it’s hard at times.

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Recently, a post about a Malaysian postman who asked for mangoes to fulfill his pregnant wife’s craving from a house where he went to deliver a parcel went viral with more than 11K likes and 5K retweets.

According to the post, the postman who went to the house to deliver a parcel, wrote a note on the packaging of the parcel asking for some mangoes for his pregnant wife.

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“Good day Mr., I am the postman, can I have some mangoes from the tree in front of your house? My wife is pregnant!. I will come and take the mangoes tomorrow” the note wrote by the postman to the house owner in Taman Kinrara, Puchong.

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Here goes why he asked for the mangoes from the house owner.

On the postman’s share on Twitter last weekend, his wife expressed her desire to eat fresh mango picked from the tree and refused to buy mangoes from the store.

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So, in order to fulfill the request of his wife who is pregnant, the postman promised his wife to get the mangoes for her after asking permission from the house owner when he delivers his package to the house who coincidentally happens to be one of his customer.

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The postman’s wife who is now 7 months pregnant is expecting their first child in this coming November.

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After the postman’s attempt of writing a note on the package, he received a reply note from the package recipient, the house owner stating that they had picked the mangoes for the postman’s wife and placed it on the shoe rack where the postman delivered the package.

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The postman expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the house owner for giving mangoes for his pregnant wife without being selfish and updated that he received the mangoes at 12.30pm on 19th August 2020.

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The postman’s wife was also grateful to the house owner who offered her mangoes and she was excited to satisfy her cravings.

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▼ In this era, others would have just taken the mangoes without even asking permission from the house owner but this postman asking for mangoes for his pregnant wife by writing a note is something that not everyone will do. This proves the amount of effort the postman took to get some mangoes for his pregnant wife which is so precious.


Aww how cute is this postman fulfilling his wife’s cravings!

▼ But, there are still people who steal the goods of others without asking their permission which is very wrong.

Let’s learn from the fellow postman, you may at least ASK before taking it, don’t simple take it for granted !

Let’s appreciate how sweet the house owner is as he was willing to give away some mangoes for the postman’s wife! Malaysians must continue to foster harmony, integration and unity for the success of our multiracial nation. 

Info via: Metro | Twitter