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PUS with Pink and White Tag Are Allowed to Leave the House to Buy Food Supply in the Red Zone!

Info via: IPD Padang Terap

Photo Credit to IPD Padang Terap

As we know, a mandatory quarantine for 14 days is a must if you travel from a different country to Malaysia.

Not forgetting, a pink tag on your wrist means you’re not allowed to go out of your designated quarantine place or house for 14 days.

Credit: Nona

Now, a post on Facebook by IPD Padang Terap, said that according to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), a Person Under Surveillance (PUS) who wears a pink and white tag means that they are the “Head of the Family”.

The one who wears a pink and white tag who are the head of the family are allowed to go out of their quarantine area or house to buy house necessities and food in the red zone.

“For the information of all Padang Terap residents, “Person Under Surveillance” (PUS) who wears white and pink tags are the Head of the Family and can go out to the shop in Kampung Ulu, Padang Sanai or any area declared as a red zone only to get food supply” said IPD Padang Terap.

Credit: IPD Padang Terap

Meanwhile, the PUS with only pink tag is NOT allowed to go out of the house at all. If you happen to meet anyone with only a tag which is pink outside the red zone, you have to immediately report to the police.

IPD Padang Terap said that, “PUS who wear only one tag which is pink or white is not allowed to leave the house at all. If you meet PUS who wears the tags outside the red zone, please report it to the police. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and thank you very much”.

Credit: IPD Padang Terap

Let’s cooperate with the higher authorities and adhere to the given SOP to break the chain of Covid-19.