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Recent Internet Sensation ” GSC Admin” Having a Q& A Sessions With Fans

Photo credit to Instagram


GSC Admin, age unknown, gender unknown .. but he/she is definitely the latest internet sensation. Most Malaysian are tickled by their funny post and humorous replied.

Credit : NewsD

I know a lot of you are like me, thousand of question pop up on your mind about GSC admin identity.. boy or girl? how old is he/ she? one man show or running by a team?

On Aug 10, GSC Admin probably can read our mind came up with a “Q& A sessions” with a lot of us who is curious about him/her/ them.

It all started with ..

First question came .. Boy or girl?

GSC Admin : How do i know it’s a boy or girl

Someone asking question i want to ask , ” one man show or running by a team?”


Someone also curious whether GSC admin scared TGV gets a admin funnier than him/her?

GSC Admin: Who Cares! ( This is a good one .. haha)


The following is probably your question too.. check them out !

Info via Instagram