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RM4,882.50 Worth Of Fake Laundry Detergent Seized!

Photo credit to Facebook | MalaysianGazette

Recently, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs makes a shocking discovery after they found counterfeit powder detergent had the registered trademark ‘TOP’ branding. From the raid the seized  651 units of counterfeit laundry powder worth RM4,882.50.The case is being investigated under Section 102(1)(c) of the Trademark Act 2019.

Credit: MalaysianGazette

The powder detergent with the registered trademark ‘TOP’ does not have any consent of the TOP detergent manufacturer, Southern Lion, or its principal in Japan. This brand is loved so much by consumers in Malaysia due to its high quality and technology from Japan.  Counterfeit powder detergents found to be of low quality. Even, the packaging of the artificial product contains many spelling errors.

Credit: Facebook

TOP Detergent Malaysia took their social media account to educate consumers about counterfeit goods. They take this problem seriously because counterfeiting is an illegal activity that deliberately deceives the public and damaging the name of the brand.

Credit: Facebook

They even showed how to identify the genuine TOP with the counterfeit. This helps the consumer to know which is counterfeit and which is not before buying them.

Credit: Facebook

If you have any report regarding counterfeit items, you can reach MDTCA by calling the Enforcement Command Centre at 1-800-886-800 or +603-88826088.

Info via NST