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Room Too Small? This Malaysian Mother Show Room Transformation To Make It Become Spacious!

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It is normal for siblings to share a room. Even though with limited space, it is pretty much spacious when you are a child. But when you are older, you might get cramped with all the things in the room. This Malaysian mother have a great solution to increase room space and it garnered over 1.4K!


She shared that the whole renovation for her daughters’ room took about 2 weeks with a total budget of around RM13-14K. The room was renovated to make 2 floors. The upper part is the sleeping area and the lower part is the study and wardrobe. This idea of the fake building is for is derived from Xiaohongshu and Douyin. She also said that the fake building can hold up to 1000kg! The height is 14.5 feet and the width is 10 feet 6 inches. The room is very small and cramped!

▼The room is small and messy as it doesn’t have a lot of spaces

▼They started to break the ceiling to make room much more spacious.

▼Then, they build a second floor using the space!

▼It also has a stairs to go up the second floor~

▼After the renovation, look how spacious the lower floor becomes!

▼After decoration, space is utilized wonderfully with a big, colourful wardrobe~

▼Even the small space underneath the stairs have a small cabinet as a store!

▼The study area is very well organized with long shelves and cabinets for storing things~

▼Look how spacious the sleeping area is~ They even have fan and an air conditioner to cool the sleeping space!

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