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Salary Offered in Malaysia is Underpaid or Japan Overpaid?!

As we know, the salary comparison in Malaysia and overseas is never-ending. Most of the Malaysians thinks that the salary in Malaysia is lower compared to other countries. Let’s not talk about the fresh graduates. Some even struggle to get a job at times.

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Recently, a post about a netizen comparing an engineer’s salary in Malaysia and Japan went viral with more than 3K likes, shares and 1K comments on Facebook.

This 30 year-old netizen who has been living in Japan for 11 years said in his post that he was looking for a job in Malaysia when he decided to bring his family back to Malaysia after spending years in overseas.

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When he was searching for jobs, he was surprised seeing the salary difference of Malaysia and Japan. The salary offered in Malaysia was way lower than the salary offered in Japan. He had to look twice to make sure he was reading correctly as the requirements for an engineer work he was finding was too high and the job scope was too wide with only RM2,500 per month.

The working area is in Puchong where the cost of living is high.

Besides, adding on the requirements of the vacancy, one must have their own vehicle which will approximately cost RM300 per month.

He added, after deducting the transportation cost, taxes, insurance, EPF, there will be only RM1,500 left excluding the house rental cost and food. Without adding in the rental cost, there will be RM1,000 left from the salary.

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Then, he compared the salary and job scope in Japan which he said salary exceeds RM20,000 per month with the transportation cost will be borne by the company. The net salary would be around around RM18-19,000 a month excluding taxes, insurance and EPF. The rental cost would be around RM2,000 to RM3,000.

“Net after deducting house rent, tax, insurance, EPF, transportation cost is around RM 15,000 to 17,000 per month”, he said.

The job scope in Japan is smaller with salary higher than in Malaysia.

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“The question is, is salary in Malaysia underpaid or work in Japan overpaid?”

Netizen personally thinks that professional workers in Malaysia are underpaid with low salaries and high expectations.

The highest salary for a Japanese fresh graduate engineer is around RM3,500.

“With the increase in salaries vs. the increase in subsistence, many are fleeing to the field of customer service. By simply using Japanese language skills, the salary can reach RM 8,000 a month”, he added.

▼ Malaysians agreed to the netizen’s post that salary offered in Malaysia is way lower compared to other countries!

▼ Although some agreed to the netizen’s comment on the salary comparison between Malaysia and Japan, but many disagreed saying that the comparison is not fair.


▼ Well, for a fresh diploma graduate, the net salary would be around RM1,200 while the net salary for degree fresh graduate is around RM1,800 in Malaysia.

▼ But whatever it is, at the end of the day, you have to appreciate what you have. Everything has its own pros and cons. It depends on your hardwork and value in the job.

What do you think people?  Are Malaysians really underpaid or compare Apple to apple ?

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