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She Only Realises Her Boyfriend is a Billionaire When He Proposed, But She Decides to Break Up!

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According to a post from Reddit, a girl from Washington is working hard not only supporting herself but also to support her boyfriend financially. So, he can pursued his dream as a writer. However, when he kneed down and proposed to her, only she realised he is actually a billionaire. She was mad and chose to leave.

The girl shared that few days back, her boyfriend proposed to her and asked her to sign on a premarital agreement. She was laughing at him and said, ” We are not rich, why signing a premarital agreement?”

Credit : Mirror

Only he revealed he is a heir to a billion-dollar fortune. After knowing the truth, she was mad at him. Because during the time when they were in the relationship, she need to work on 2 jobs to support him financially for 3 years.

Even when their pet dog was ill, she had to pawned her late mother jewellery to pay for their dog medical expenses. The girl couldn’t accept the fact that he never offered his help during that time.

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The boy then explained he never tell the truth because he thought most girl will like his money rather than him. Thus, he wanted to try to live independently without the help of his family.

The girl didn’t accept his explanation and said, ” You are not independent, I had been financially supporting you for 3 years.” When she talk about pawning her late mother jewellery, he said coldly,” i thought you were just saying.”

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The girl couldn’t accept his selfish act and shooed him off from her house. Her post were widely discussed by netizens and most them thought she make a right decision to break up with the man. some said, ” He is rich but he will not let you spend his money,” other said, ” He just enjoyed seeing you give in, in the relationship,” one said, ” Who will let the girl you love going through all these?”

If you are the girl, what will you do? stay or leave?