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Singing Performance Went Wrong! Man ‘Accidentally’ Fell Inside The River!

Photo Credit to Instagram

We, as Malaysians are people who will easily get entertained and amused over silly things like a man in a  “predator” costume who was pushing his motorcycle that ran out of oil to the petrol station and a young man who kicked a ball too high that end up inside a moving truck went viral among netizens.

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Linking with these humorous traits, another hilarious video about a man who sang sitting on the railing of the bridge and ‘accidentally’ fell in the water went viral with more than 100,000 views and 500 comments on Instagram.

The Instagram video of the man was uploaded by a netizen with the caption, “At first, his singing made us tear up, but in the end we ended up laughing instead”.

The video started off with the man sitting on the railing of a bridge and singing while playing his guitar, with a view of a bunch of big trees and a few sampans on a river behind him.

Credit: Instagram

After finish singing, upon proceeding to put his guitar down and get down from the railing of the bridge that he was sitting on, he lost his balance and fell backward into the river instead of landing on the road.

The timing of his hilarious fall perfectly synced with the beat of the song in the video, which makes people wonder if the fall was done intentionally or not.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

▼ When the man started to singing, it was sad but laughed out loud automatically in the end of the video !

▼ Although the fall was hilarious, but the sound of the laughter of the person behind the scene who was recording the video made caught the viewer’s attention as he did not react much but giggle soft seeing the man’s fall from the railing.

▼ At least, he saved his guitar by putting it down before falling in the river~

Check out the man’s hilarious fall in the river!


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Mula-mula rasa nak menangis, last tu tergelak pulak. 😂 #sharERA . Kredit: atengsepet

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This hilarious video definitely made my day better!

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