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Skinny House’s Interior is Not As Narrow As How It Looks!

Photo Credit to Zillow | TikTok

We have seen houses with various colours and designs. Every house is unique as in the interior and exterior design by the designer.

Credit: Unsplash

But have you ever seen a ‘narrow’ house?

Recently, a video on Tiktok about a house that looks absolutely thin went viral with more than 300K likes, 6K shares and 4K comments.

This unique ‘skinny’ house is known as Pie House which is located in Deerfield, Illinois, is currently on the market for under $270,000 (RM1,130,625.00)

Although the exterior design of this house looks awkwardly narrow which will make everyone wonder if someone could live in, is not as narrow as it looks like.

Credit: Zillow

▼ Netizens were confused looking at how skinny the house looks and thought if someone could even live in the house. Well, the house isn’t exactly a house but a hallway~

And wait, you have to sleep standing up in this house?~

▼ I guess we’ll have to be 10kgs to be able to stay in the house~

But the surprising part is, the house isn’t exaclty as narrow as how it looks from the outside!

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

Wow! The house designer definitely did a very good job that got many people’s attention!

Info via: Mirror