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Snake ‘Stuck’ Inside a Man’s Pants for 7 Hours!

Photo Credit to Twitter

We’ve all heard or witness cases about snakes found someone’s home, public places, garden , garage or even inside toilet bowls at least once in our life.

Credit: Realtor

But have you ever heard a snake entering anyone’s pants?

Recently, there is a tweet  about an incident of a snake entered a man’s pants when he was sleeping that got more than 13K views on Twitter.

The incident took place in Sikandarpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur.

The man is one of the labourers who works as a wiring man went to sleep after having his dinner when the snake slithered into his pants which is predicted should’ve happened during midnight. He woke up realizing that a snake was inside his pants.

To avoid from getting bitten, the man stood up so that the snake would get out of his pants.

Credit: Twitter

The man had to keep standing for seven hours by supporting him holding on a pillar near to where he sleeps. The next day, a snake catcher tried to help the man to get the snake out of his pants.

Credit: Twitter

▼ The video of the rescue made netizens laugh at how the man had to keep standing with his pants down and holding on a pillar waiting for someone to get the snake out.

▼ Although it looks but we should definitely be proud of how brave the man was.

Check out the video of the a snake-catcher trying to get the snake out of the man’s pants!

Well, I don’t think so anyone would be patient and brave as how the man was despite having a snake ‘stuck’ in your pants for 7 hours!

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