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Some Province in China Set Up ” Snail Award ” to Cure “Sloth” Administration

Photo credit to China Press

An awards ceremony is a normal formal or sometimes a semi-formal event which trophies are given to honour achievements in a particular field. But, people who received this award normally feel embarrassed.. They called it “snail award” for those who are inefficient.

A district in Zhe Jiang Province has set up a “snail award” to cure “sloth administration”, according to China Press.

The government started to give out a snail award in 2018, the first three snail awards were given to 3 government organizations of Zhoucun District of Zibo City, including the district industrial and commercial bureau.

“They were awarded to organizations with the poorest service,” said Sha Xiangdong, Party Secretary of the district.

Credit: China Press

“We aim to stimulate slow administrations or individuals to provide better and efficient services in the future,” Sha said.

The “snail award” will be assessed every three months. Punishment will be carried out by the district supervisory body if any organization receives the award twice consecutively. Meanwhile, the award could also be rescinded for those with significant improvement.

Credit : China Press

One of the award winners said, ” We received the award because we are lack of communication, lack of knowledge and not systematic. We realized our shortcomings and will rectify it.”

Should we have a ” Snail Award” too? 

Info via China Press