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Still Drove 21 Years Old Proton Saga, This 27 Years Old Man Is Still Proud For His Old Car!

Photo credit to Facebook

Having your own transport is a luxury. It helps you go to class or anywhere  easily without stress. People nowadays prefer to use a new car or a branded luxury car, even with a small income. This man shared why he still uses a 21 yers old Proton Saga and garnered over on Facebook post.

Credit: Facebook

This 27 years old Malaysian guy, Ken shared that he still uses an old Proton car in 2020. He started to use the car since he graduated from the university 3 years back. He shared that he drives 1999 Proton Saga Iswara 1.3 Aeroback, which is a pretty common car that you can get and see in Malaysia.

Credit: Facebook

He also told that owning a new car can be very expensive. He said by average, you might have to pay around RM500 per month for the upkeep of a vehicle in Malaysia regardless of whether it is an entry-level vehicle. He also shared about he spend around RM300, inclusive of fuel, maintenance, and any random repairs for his Proton Saga Iswara per month. Yearly, he would only need to pay around RM3600. Not only that, but cars also don’t usually demand being repaired every single month which means he can save up a lot!

Credit: Pandulaju

But everything doesn’t come easy at first. He received a lot of bad reviews from the car because it was in quite a poor condition before he restored it Most people said that he should no waste money to fix the car and just take a loan to buy a new car. However, he didn’t listen and he was lucky because he is not tied down to at least RM500 per month for the 9 years car loan installment, the costs for fuel, and the yearly insurance costs for a new car are relatively expensive too.

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It’s not because he doesn’t have money but he doesn’t get why he need to buy a new car just to go to the daily place like work. A car value depreciates quickly per year, even faster than the amount that you paid in a year for some cars. Instead of having a commitment to the bank, he gladly drives his old car and saves a lot of money. He can use the extra money for investing or even own a property.

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He said even though people look down on him and his car’s safety, there is never a guarantee in road safety regardless of what car you drove. He added most importantly is you have money in your bank account.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of netizens applauded him for his wise decision and commented on their opinion on the post.

Netizens’ Responses

▼A lot of people are proud of his wise choice and his mature thinking~

▼Who said an old car is not a great car? People even missed using it!

▼This guy shared a picture of his own Saga that he is also proud of owner of!

▼People still buy new cars because they don’t want to be judged by others.

▼Maybe they spend money on a new car because it is their dream but yeah, the dream has limits~

The old car doesn’t define people’s wealth~ Drive any car you like as long as you are happy with it!

Info via Facebook