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Student Play With Hula Hoop Is Another Of Cuteness !

Photo credit to Twitter

During Gym class, at least once in your lifetime, you have tried and played with hula hoops. It is fun and funny to twist your body in order for the hoop not to fall. This video fo a little girl from Sandakan, shaking her body cutely to play with the hoops captured everyone’s heart instantly!

Credit: Twitter

The video was taken by the teacher at SK Gas School in Sandakan, Sabah. He shared that he teaches the school’s special education program. This cutie pie with a blue scarf is one of his students. Her name is Maisarah and she has a global developmental delay.

Credit: Twitter

Apparently, this video was taken during their drilling for Sport Tournament PPKI MSSD Sandakan.In the video, he added that he asked for people’s prayer that the kids could run for 100M.

Due to a lot of requests, he shared the video of her running for their sports day.He captioned the video asking the netizens that if there is a chance that she wins gold medal. Look at her cutely running! If she didn’t win the race, she definitely win gold medal for her cuteness!

He shares that he’s being a teacher for the Special Education Integrated program sin January 2018 and his students are between the ages of 7 and 12. Not only that, he actively shares awareness about special education to people.

A lot of people fall in love and commented in the video about the awareness also about the cute girl.

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are praising the teacher for raising awareness regarding students of special education.

▼She is so happy and cute!

▼She definitely knows how to make you smile

▼People are sending their love and regard for her!

Cuteness overload!

Info via Twitter