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Student Reused A Dirty Mask Even Stitching Its Rope back to Go School!

Photo Credit to Malay Mail | Twitter

As schools have been reopened after being closed for sometime because for the Movement Control Order (PKP), students and teachers have to follow the strict SOPs like wearing mask and maintaining social distance.

Starting from 1st August 2020, it is mandatory to wear face masks in public crowded places and public transportation for the citizens including school students. Those who don’t comply with the order, they will be slapped with a RM1,000 compound.

But what about those who can’t afford to buy face masks?

Credit: Malay Mail

Yesterday, 5th August 2020, there is a post on Twitter that went viral with more than 5K likes and 5K retweets about a student who reused the same mask for several days by washing it and stitching it.

In the netizen’s tweet, he said that he had a talk session with his students about wearing face masks in crowded places. He was quiet for a moment after he saw the condition of the mask which looked dirty and the rope was sewed of one of his student.

Credit: Twitter

When he asked other students, some of them said that they will change to a new mask only after using it for 2-3 days.

He added that this is only his students’ story but the same situation could also happen to other teachers’ students from different schools and we should always care for them.

As an update, he said that the students’ masks are replaced with new ones for free for those who can’t afford to buy in the class.

Credit: Twitter

He said, when you change the edit filter of the dirty mask picture on Twitter, it looked like the picture below, which looked really disgusting!

Credit: Twitter

▼ After seeing this tweet, netizens came up to help the students to buy and provide face masks.

▼ Some are raising funds to donate to the students who can’t afford to buy face masks. Well, it is a very good move to help the underprivileged students.

▼ Apart from that, schools should also take action by providing free face masks for the students in need.

▼ Rather than using the face mask which you can only use once, students who can’t afford to buy face masks always can use the washable ones so that they can reuse the face masks after washing them.

Well, we should raise awareness on this issue as face masks are something essential for everyone including the underprivileged ones.

Info via: Twitter