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This Coffee Shop Have Such A Heartbroken Names For Drinks!

Photo credit to Twitter

For coffee lovers, you must have a cup of coffee, at least once a day. Usually, you have your own favorite coffee joint like Starbucks or Coffee Bean to get your daily dose of coffee. We have a recommendation for you guys, a coffee joint that went viral and garnered over 10K retweets also 8K likes.

Credit: Twitter

This coffee shop’s name is Kopi Kisah Kita or Our Story Coffee. It is located at METRO POINT KAJANG, Ground Floor Lot GL08. What makes this coffee joint so unique is the name of the drinks is a wordplay!

Credit: Facebook

The name of the drinks is very poetic and romantic. Like a salted caramel latte is called Kopi Janji Manis or Sweet Promise Coffee. For a tiramisu latte, they changed the name into Kopi Harapan Palsu or Fake Hope Coffee. The names are very playful and eccentric!

Credit: Twitter

These selections are definitely for heartbroken people. A machiato is called Kopi Lih Dia or in other work, You Choose Him with a quote “bitter to be swallowed like our unreachable love”. We all have to agree that the quote actually makes it 10 times funnier!

Credit: Twitter

The best seller is actually named after their shop, Kopi Kisah Kita, or Our Story Coffee.

Credit: Twitter

If you thinking about drinking the coffee but you don’t have time to go to Metropoint Kajang, you can have it delivered to you by using food panda! 【Click Here

The netizens commented on the post about how comical the name is!

Netizens’ Responses

▼The drinks’ names definitely tickle our hearts!

▼Basic drink for non-coffee drinker~

▼I guess the owner just went through a break-up ~

▼Kinda sad that chocolate doesn’t have their own story~

▼People who have the long-distance relationship be like~

I feel like I’m being roasted by drinks!

Info via Twitter