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This Little Girl Give Hilarious Responses To Her Grandma About Sharing

Photo credit to Twitter

Let’s be honest, not everything we want to share with people, especially food! But, if your family or close friends ask, you still have no choice and end up sharing the food. But, this video fo a girl genius response went viral after garnered over 2oK retweets and 24K likes.

Credit: Twitter

This girl by the name of Sophia was eating ice cream outside of her house when her grandma asked for a taste. Sophia then cooly replied, coronavirus to her grandma.

Credit: Twitter

Her grandma was amused and asked her to repeat the answer. She said again with affirmation, coronavirus.

Credit: Twitter

Her grandma spoke her understanding as a boy behind the camera educate her another name of coronavirus, which is COVID-19. She repeated the new names again.

Credit: Twitter

Then, her grandma asked again that because of COVID-19, she can’t share her ice cream. She shooked her head to say that she can’t share.

Credit: Twitter

The grandma teased her again by asking her to give a taste otherwise that she will cry. The girl responded by saying that she had to buy a another one.

Credit: Twitter

The grandma repeated said that so she had to buy a new one. The girl responded again and said when the ice cream man comes again, the grandma can buy.

Credit: Twitter

Her grandma said to her that the ice cream man already went home and she responded cooly again, next time.

Credit: Twitter

The interaction between Sophia and her grandma really make netizens laughed with her intelligent yet funny response.

Netizens’ Response

▼People are loving how clever she is!

▼Ice cream eating pro knows how to handle people~

▼No one touches a little queen’s food~

▼The fact she knows about coronavirus is just too adorable~


I should use the same responses when people ask for my food next time~

Info via Twitter