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This Man’s Motorcyle Yamaha 125zr Go! Valentino Rossi’s Edition Was Bought for RM85,000!

Photo credit to Facebook | Carousell

Have you ever seen people buy things for an unbelievably high price? This is what happens to an engineer from Flat Sri Melaka, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur when a Vietnamese businessman decided to buy his motorcycle, a Yamaha 125zr Go! Valentino Rossi’s Edition for RM85,000!

Credit: Facebook

Mohamad Azhar Mat Siam, the former owner of the motorcycle said that he didn’t think that the Vietnamese man would willing to pay such a high price to own his motorcycle collection. Mohamad Azhar said that he deliberately put a price of RM85,000, so the Vietnamese businessman known as Chuong did not buy it but he did not expect Chuong to give the deposit in advance into my bank account of RM30,000 yesterday.

Credit: Facebook

Chuong came the next morning to his house to see the motorcycle and agreeing to buy the bike before pay the remaining RM55,000. Chuong also bought some the original Yamaha 125zr Go motorcycle spare parts that being kept by Mohamad Azehar such as tires and special edition ‘cover set’ of the model for RM5,000

Credit: Carousell

Mohamad Azehar shared that the motorcycle was bought by his late father, Mat Siam Ismail in 2003 because he was a big fan of the Italian professional motorcycle road racer. All spare parts of the special edition Yamaha 125zr Go! Valentino Rossi’s edition was even bought by him, to be stored and made into a personal collection.

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He shared that the motorcycle was bought for RM6,617.76 in 2003 and he never rode it or even registered it. It is because the motorcycle was a very precious thing for him and for 17 years, the motorcycle was being kept indoor.

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He currently has nine motorcycles namely two Yamaha RX-Z motorcycles, three Yamaha 125zr, three Honda EX5, and one Honda C70. He told that this is the first time he sold a motorcycle for a high price because the one he sold before was only for RM5,000.

Credit: Mudah

Guess it’s a great investment~

Info via Berita Harian