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This Man’s Way of Promoting Perfumes Caught Netizens’ Attention!

Photo Credit to Twitter

If you have siblings especially younger ones, I’m pretty sure you can relate to the fact that they do weird things most of the time that actually makes us think if they are actually normal.

Credit: eTurboNews

Recently, a netizen shared her brother’s hilarious acts and businesses which went viral with more than 56K likes and 33K retweets on Twitter.

On her post, she shared her brother’s second business which is ‘selling’ perfumes through social platform with a caption “I hate my brother”.

The hilarious part of this so called business is her brother’s way of promoting those perfumes by taking pictures of his wrist with the flavours of the perfume smell names as if the people could smell the perfume through pictures.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Um, he is not actually selling perfumes y’all. Those perfume bottles were actually free gifts that the netizen received upon her purchase in a e-commerce platform.

▼ Netizens played along by saying the perfume smells really good! LOL~

▼ Well, he is not the only one who does this~

Are you wondering what would have been his first business?

You wouldn’t believe if I say that his first ‘business’ is repairing torn RM1 notes. Well, the fee to repair a RM1 note is RM5 excluding the shipping fee although the ‘repairing’ is done online.

There is also promotion on the repairing and postage fee until 31st August 2020!

Credit: Twitter 

Although we know this is not real, but the amount of support his friends gave by playing along with him is the best part of this I would say!

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

▼ He managed to earn RM500+ in a day!


Credit: Twitter

▼ Am I the only one who thinks that he has good marketing skills?

Turns out that the reason why he jumped into this ‘business’ field is he just broke up from a relationship which made him heartbroken. So, he decided to come up with this hilarious businesses to entertain himself and others.

Netizen shared although her brother is funny, but they fight most of the time which is something normal among siblings.

▼ It is pretty obvious that most of them were entertained with this netizen’s hilarious act!

Well, I’m lying if I say I’m not entertained as well!

Info via: Twitter