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This Trio Achieved Their Dream Together for 9 Years Since Highschool!

Photo Credit to Facebook

In high school you pretty much grew up with your friends. You all went to the same movies, walked down the same hallways, listened to the same kind of music. They just know you the best!

While, college is a stage when you are transitioning into a very new and important stage of life — you are entering adulthood in a whole new way. This means that the friends you make during this time have a huge impact on you.

What if they are your high school friend and also your college friend?!

Credit: Mary Aileen MalonzoRecently, there was a post on Facebook that went viral with more than 95K likes, 62K shares and 13K comments about three girls who achieved their dream together since highschool for 9 years.

In the post, she stated that she can vividly remember the day the trio took the picture below which is said to be “the foundation of their dreams”.

Credit: Facebook

She continued, saying that they graduated together in highschool in the year of 2011 but she didn’t expect that she and her other two friends will graduate again as they found themselves applying the same medical school without even telling each other.

She said, “Never have I imagined graduating together again with these two, neither have we talked about going in the same school. We just found ourselves applying in the same college”.

Credit: Facebook

After going through all the hardships during in the medical trying to finish their studies, they finally aced their studies without quitting.

“We have gone through so much during the years, on the brink of failure, crying ourselves out almost every night, tired & restless especially during our clerkship, but never took quitting as an option”, she said.

9 years from the day the trio graduated from highschool in 2011, they finally graduated together.

Credit: Facebook

She finished by saying that, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and she wouldn’t have survived her medical school without her other two friends and the support from her parents.

▼ Netizens congratulated these three friends for achieving their dreams together without giving up and by supporting each other!

▼ Many of them were inspired how these three friends made it together and want to achieve the same with their friends too.

Well, I think this is what they mean by best friend goals! Congratulations to these three doctors!

Info via: Facebook