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This Twitter User Shares She Had To Ration Her Food Because Of The Hotel Lack Of Hospitality!

Photo credit to Twitter

Starting from 1 August, people who are flying back from oversea have to follow the SOP and quarantine for 14 days in the hotel. Not only that, if they are not students or in b40, but they also have to pay with their own money to quarantine in the hotels for 14 days. This Twitter user shows her condition at one of the hotels in Malaysia after she comes back from Seoul, South Korea.

Credit: Bernama

Upon check-in, She said that her room was not ideal. She was greeted with a stained bedsheet, or molded bathroom, or non-functioning plugs. Not only that, but her lunch also didn’t come and her dinner come almost three hours late!

Credit: Twitter

As for day 3,  she had to ration her meal so she won’t feel hungry if her food comes late. Day 4, she received a nasi lemak. The first bite of the food, she cried because of disappointment and sadness.

Credit: Twitter

She also received a curry with egg and cucumber, which is wild considering cucumber is not a curry ingredient. She also added that she just wanted to be treated with decent meals. She is fine with other mishaps.

Credit: Twitter

However, we have a good ending! Because of the constant pressure from the media and authorities, they got better food. She even said that she won’t complain more even though they would repeat chicken and fillet every day.

Credit: Twitter

She said that it is relevant to share what we have been going through and how Malaysians were united with this tagline. She added that she can not thank everyone enough for the help.

Credit: Twitter

A lot of the netizens responded with her story and sympathizes with her situation.

Netizens’ Responses

Hopefully, people will be treated well as they go for their 14 days quarantine`

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