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This Video Shows This Buying Habit Makes Go “You Are Soo Asian!”

As an Asian, we have a lot of quirks that non-Asian people find it interesting. We have a lot of tips and habits that actually very make sense if we think about it! This one TikTok video shows that this habit is an Asian trait that you can commonly find in Asian people.

Credit: Facebook

▼Apparently, taking things from the back is an Asian thing!

Credit: Facebook

▼Growing up, when you are shopping with your family member, especially your mother, they will never take the first item of any item. They would take the second one!

Credit: Facebook

▼Not only that, but there is also another video that shows the same thing but a level up! Apparently, some people even dig through to take the ones at the back.

Credit: Facebook

▼There are a lot of theories surrounding this habit. As an adult, you would also do the same thing because this is how all of you grow up with.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of netizens commented regarding this and give their opinions, even reasons for their decision to do this habits!

Netizens’ Responses

A lot of people are guilty for doing this!

▼Some people also give out why they take things at the back instead of the first one~

▼Apparently, not only Asians but there are also non-Asian does this!

▼Well, now some Asian markets have noticed it and decided to go against the norm when stocking the things!

I guess I am guilty of doing this!

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